What is hand linked toe seaming? The normal toe seam is bulkier, sewn together by toe stitching machine . Hand linked seams are connected together same as knitting a sweater. The stitches are matched one by one by very skilled workers . It is a time honoured process compared to the standard machine sewing. The result is that the link is so flat people does not feel it when wearing the socks.

  • Feature:

    • ☛ School girls knee length socks with flat toe seam. No pain, no irritation at the toe area, free from comfort problems. Great for sensitive feet. Special care for a special person.
    • ☛ Gorgeous open woven crochet Pointelle patterns, it keeps girls warm when it's cold and keep the legs ventilated when it's too hot. Special soft cuffs, no extra pressure, more comfort.

  • Binding: Apparel
  • Brand: JHosiery
  • Product Group: Apparel
  • Product Type Name: SOCKSHOSIERY