3 Pack Kids Series Soft Cotton Baby Panties Little Girls' Assorted Briefs for 1-8 years

100, Waist/15cm, Crotch/19cm, Rib length/9.5cm, Pant/11cm, Hip/21cm

110, Waist/16cm, Crotch/20cm, Rib length/10cm, Pant/11.5cm, Hip/22cm

120, Waist/17cm, Crotch/21cm, Rib length/10.5cm, Pant/12cm, Hip/23cm

130, Waist/18cm, Crotch/22cm, Rib length/11cm, Pant/12.5cm, Hip/24cm

140, Waist/19cm, Crotch/23cm, Rib length/11.5cm, Pant/13cm, Hip/25cm

150, Waist/20cm, Crotch/24cm, Rib length/12cm, Pant/13.5cm, Hip/26cm

Comfort covered fabric waistband. Smooth, covered leg bands mean no pinch elastic.The elastic leg openings make them easy to wear

Material:100% cotton, keep her cool and comfy all day, they are ideal for everyday wear

Package included: pack of 3 pieces of Girls Briefs Knickers